Alumni Spotlight: Reggie Wilson

Meet Reggie Wilson, a Sports Multimedia Journalist for

KWCH 12!

What is your favorite part about sports journalism?

My favorite part of sports journalism is storytelling. I meet so many different people with such unique stories. It’s a blessing to be able to narrate and let viewers know how special a player or team or coach or even a fan is. Also, sports are fun! Sports unite, and take people to a happy place. I find joy in reporting the sports news people are so passionate about and adding my own flavor to it.

Some people say that sports journalism is a dying field. Do you think it is? How did you stay determined to become who you are now?

I don’t think sports journalism is a dying field. There’s always going to be a space for it as long as we have games/events and an ever evolving social media to share some of the amazing stories that come from them. Sports journalism is definitely moving towards more personality driven/debate style commentary so everyone’s adjusting to the changing landscape. I’ve stayed determined to become who I am now by seeing other journalists thrive. I watch stories like athletes watch film and it constantly inspires me to push for greater. Keeping my family in mind also keeps me determined. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices to help me get to where I am today and allow me to do what I do. I owe it to them to have the greatest impact possible in this industry, because my success is their success.

How did KOMU help start your career?

It was a grind at KOMU, but it helped jumpstart my career. I learned journalism ethics, the art of storytelling, videography, AP style writing and so many other skills that I still utilize on a daily basis. Motivation was endless working alongside some of the brightest journalists. The faculty is comprised of people who’ve thrived in the business and their guidance was instrumental in my development. The hands on experience at KOMU is unparalleled and it allowed me to hit the ground running as I transitioned into my career.

If you could go back in time to tell your college freshman self one piece of advice, what would it be?

If I could give college freshman Reggie one piece of advice, it would probably be to get involved at the station earlier. There’s so much to learn in our field and some things you just don’t fully grasp until you get the experience. I didn’t start doing things at KOMU until the second semester of my junior year. In turn, I wasn’t as sharp as I could’ve been towards graduation and it slowed the process of starting my career.

What is your favorite NABJ-MU memory?

This is a hard question because all the memories were special with my NABJ-MU family, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the media tour in Chicago my senior year. It was LIT. That was my first one and one of the best experiences I had in college. I got to see journalism up close in one of the top markets in the nation. My eyes were wide open. I think that trip solidified why I wanted to do what I do now. Plus, Chicago showed all of us a good time. I’m so thankful to NABJ-MU for giving me the opportunity to go. I was a member all four years and that capped an incredible ride.

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